Cheese Please!

Our dairy products come from Country Valley in Picton NSW where the Fairley family have built a factory right next to their dairy and bottle their own milk and use it along with milk from other local dairies to make their cheese, yoghurt and cream products. We stock Country Valley premium full cream, premium lite milk and Organic lite and full cream. We use and stock Country Valley fresh cream, and natural and plain yoghurt, no additives.

Here’s what happy customer’s say about Country Valley’s products:

“Hi, we read about your milk in the SMH Good Living and headed over to Bondi to try it. We love it. It froths the milk beautifully and the taste is fantastic.”

Did you know that cheese is seasonal? There are three things that impact on the optimal flavour of cheese – the breeding and milk production of the animal, the food the animal is eating and the amount of time the cheese is aged. We source the best cheese in season which means that stock is always changing.

Depending on the season we stock:


  • Roquefort – Roquefort is made exclusively from the milk of the red Lacaune ewes. The taste is complex, creamy and soft and goes well with nuts and figs. Info sourced from:
  • saint-agur-100x100Saint Agur – Saint Agur is made in the Velay Mountains (Haute-Loire) and is one of the cheese maker’s best seller’s not only in France, but worldwide. It has a firm cream texture with a fruity, well-rounded flavour. Info sourced from: from:

Washed Rind

  • Bangalow Nashua – award winning signature cheese has a distinctive orange/white rind and is a true “stinky” cheese. Beneath the pungent and deceptive aroma of the rind lies a robust salty yet sweet flavour. Info sourced from:
  • Langres – soft French cows’ milk cheese from the Champagne region with a wonderful, strong bouquet with a depression (fontaine) on top for pouring Champagne into. Info sourced from:

Goats Milk

    • la-luna-100x100Holy Goat, La Luna & Skyla – beautiful handcrafted goat cheese is made on Sutton Grange Organic Farm, Victoria. The cheese has an amazing depth of flavour; A creamy, full bodied interior with a citrusy tang and nutty overtones. Info sourced from:
    • merideth-100x100Meredith – the cheese is made by hand using milk supplied only from the farm & not brought in from surrounding dairies. This cheese has a moist, slightly wet texture with a creamy flavour and a delicious lemony, salty freshness indicating the high quality of the fresh milk. Info sourced from:


    • American Cabot – Produced in Vermont, USA this is a beautifully balanced cheese with a rich fruitiness and a full-bodied buttery texture. It finishes with a lingering nuttiness and caramel sweetness. Info sourced from:
    • merseyvalley-100x100Mersey Valley – Made in Burnie, Tasmania for over 35 years and one of Australia’s best loved Vintage club cheddars. Info sourced from:
  • Ashgrove – Australia’s premier producer of award winning handcrafted Cheddar style cheeses. Ashgove Cheese from Tasmania is only produced in the late spring and summer when cows are in the peak lactation and milk is ideally suited to Cheddar cheese production. Info sourced from:


    • Bangalow Brooklet – a full flavoured French style character, the ripe “Brooklet” displays a soft and smooth texture and is often speckled by orange/red through to brown markings. Info sourced from:
    • Trinity Cellars -Trinity Cellars Jersey Brie is made from pure full cream Jersey cow’s milk which gives this cheese distinct richness of flavour and a flowing texture when ripe. The cheese also exhibits earthy mushroom tones upon maturity. This is a top quality Australian brie. nfo sourced from:
    • ledauphin-100x100Le Dauphin – Made from local cow’s milk by Fromagerie Guilloteau in the scenic hills of the Rhône Valley. This double Brie is exceptionally soft and deliciously creamy. Info sourced from:
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