Products We Stock

Oils-and-vinegarsVinegars and Oils
All of the vinegars and oils, such La Barre EVO, black cherry finishing vinegar, we use in our salad dressings and in our cooking.




Dairy Products

Our dairy products such as the Creme Fraiche, Mascarpone and Cultured Butter come from Pepe Saya. We use these products in our cheese cake and other baked goods including our Berry Roulade, Chocolate Drop Cake and Diavalo (devil’s chocolate cake).

jammeryJam, Marmalade and Pickles
We use locally sourced sourdough in our delicious sandwiches. Try our toast with marmalade for breakfast. We use products from The Jammery owned by Claudia Rowe who has cooked at Sean’s Panaroma and The River Cafe in London. Along with her parnter, she also established Hanks Jams.

We have Braidwood quince jam, grape jam and vegetable pickles. What makes this product special is that it is all made from seasonal excess produce and home produced locally in Braidwood. Now there’s one for the collaborative consumption movement!

Something Sweet
For those with a sweet tooth, you will love our Sugar Daddy Jellies including Rose Petal, Earl Grey Tea, Granny Smith, Sour Cherry as well as a dark caramel. We use these on our cheese platters and now you can too!

We have a scrumptious selection of home made cookies and biscuits – chocolate chip, choc chip honeycomb, Belgian white chocolate and cranberry. Yum! Beautiful Slice, a local Sydney supplier produce a range of panforte including lavender orange, white chocolate mandarin apricot cashew, pistachio, fig ginger.

Selection of meringuesWe are very excited to offer a selection of Asterisk Kitchen Meringue Kisses (toasted hazelnut, raspberry and meli-melo). These delicious, hand-made sweets are gluten free and dairy free, with ingredients sourced within Australia and baked in small batches to ensure the freshest quality meringues. Great on their own or used as part of a simple, yet elegant, dessert!


craig’s cheese shop’s own

You can also take home some of our own products made onsite such as Craig’s own Caramalised Balsamic Onions or our special Chocolate Fudge Sauce which we use in milkshakes.

Parmesan-BiscuitsAnd don’t forget our own famous Parmesan Biscuits and Mersey Valley Cheddar Biscuits – our reason for being. We wanted to sell our biscuits direct so started craig’s cheese shop. These are fantastic for events and gatherings, lovely with red wine and canapés.
Our Balsamic Carmelised Onions are delicious on home-made burgers and make a sausage in a roll something special.

We also supply Asterisk Kitchen’s award-winning lavosh (Armenian cracker bread) in three delicious flavours: beetroot, fennel & thyme and coconut charcoal. A perfect accompaniment to cheese, or on their own!


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